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About me:

Me and Vito in 2010

My name is Minna Keronen. I live in Vantaa (Southern Finland) with my three whippets Taisto, Vito & Urho. I have bred few whippet litters under my affix Nightvision. My first litter was born in March 2002. Our next litter will born in August 2010.


The first important dog in my life was a Welsh springer spaniel "Alex" (Sprightly Far The Best). My father bought her when I was 12-years old. She introduced me to the world of agility and dog shows. This energetic breed is one of my favourites, but when I saw my first Whippets it was love at the first sight..


My first whippet (Täysikuun Samba) came from kennel Täysikuun in 1994. "Samba" was very kind and loving dog, but unfortunately he passed away when he was only 5-years old. He is the reason why I fell in love to this lovely breed.

"Nette" (Fin & Est Ch Plaudite Night Life) gave me the opportunity to start breeding, and she is the mother of Nightvision A-, B- and D-litters. She is now living with my parents in the countryside and enjoying her retirement there... She will always have a very special place in my heart.

"Nimda" (Frontrunner's Special Atraction) is imported from Denmark in 2002. She is the mother of Nightvision C- and E-litters. Her lovely wild character never stops cheering me up. She was injured in the beginning of 2005 and has retired from show ring and lure coursing. She is now living with my parents in the countryside and enjoying her retirement there...

I also co-own a Whippet male "Blues" (Desmenda's Another Flash). He lives with my parents as well. He has been very unlucky, dealing with all kinds of health problems, but luckily he is still with us.


"Taisto" (Fin Ch LTJW-03 Nightvision Actual Admiral) is really happy and sencere boy from my A-litter. He is the easiest boy to live with. He is retired and enjoys his life as a very pampered pet. He is the father of Nightvision E-litter.

"Vito" (Fin & Est Ch FinW-07 Nightvision Catch The Miracle) stayed home from C-litter. He has been my boy from the start and I can't imagine what my life would be without him. He has given me so many happy moments and he has always been there for me during the rough times. He is the father of Encautom's Feel-litter.

"Urho" (Frontrunner's Top Priority) came from Denmark in 2009. He is very happy and wild boy, who loves to play and do things with you. We are very happy to have him here.

Me and Vito in 2008

I'm a member of Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Whippet Club, Finnish Sighthound Club and Sighthound Club of Helsinki. I have been active member of Finnish Whippet Club for many years, but due to my studies I had to let go my duties there in 2009.