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DK & Fin Ch Special Reserve du Haras d'Hélios - "Special"
Top Whippet in Denmark 2002


Owner: Rudi Brandt (Frontrunner's), Denmark
Breeder: Jean-Lois Cocquempot (du Haras d´Hélios), France

(Silkstone Mystic - Multi BIS Int & B Ch Falconcrag Specialite)

Special was the father of Nightvision B-litter, and also father of my dear Nimda.


Special was visiting us in Finland when he was badly injured.
We did everything we could to help him,
but he slept away during the night while sleeping beside me.
It was a pleasure to know him. He was a wonderful dog.

"Needed elsewhere
To remind us of the shortness of your time
Tears laid for them
Tears of love tears of fear
Bury my dreams dig up my sorrows
Oh Lord why
The angels fall first?"

~ Nightwish: Angels Fall First ~


Special 2 years old


Special 8 weeks old
Special 8 weeks old

Special 1 year old
1 year old - winning BOB- and BIS2-Youth
at Sighthound Worldcongress 2002

Special 11 months old
11 months old

Special 2 years old
2 years old - August 2003