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Fin Ch LTJW-03 Nightvision Actual Admiral- "Taisto"

Taisto 3,5 years old

Breeder & Owner: Minna Puukko

21.03.2002 - 17.04.2013
Euthanasia due to severe prostatitis

Official measurement: 51,7 cm.
Eyes clean (28.03.2003 & 21.12.2008)
Heart auscultation: No murmurs (21.12.2008)
Heart ultrasounded: Mitral Valve Dysplasia 23.03.2011)
Heart auscultation: murmur (23.03.2011)

Mental test passed 21.09.2008 +225 p. (+2, +3, +3, +2, +2, +2, +3, +3)
Lure Coursing licence
1 x Lure Coursing CC (Finland)

Taisto is the father of Nightvision E-litter, but later in life he became infertile.

Taisto's showresults:

Top whippet male #6 in 2004!

3 x CC & 2 x res-CC (Finland)
2 x JunCC & 1 x CC (Lithuania)
1 x res-Cacib (Estonia)

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Taisto 1 month old
Taisto 3 months old
Taisto 2 months old
Taisto 4 months old
Taisto 16 months old
Taisto 2 years old
Taisto 2,5 years old
Taisto 2,5 years old
Taisto 3 years old
Taisto lure coursing

Taisto's head