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FI EE BY CH FIW-07 Nightvision Catch The Miracle - "Vito"

BIS-progeny at Finnish Whippet Club Open Show. Vito, Raju, Kaarle, Vera & Linus

1. Encautom's Feeling Litter:

dam: Encautom's Hot Tabasco
DOB: 25.06.2010, 6 + 3

C.I.B. FI EE S Ch EE LV JCh Encautom's Feeling Good "Raju"
1 x LC CC (Finland)

#8 Whippet Male in Finland 2011
#9 Whippet Male in Finland 2012
#6 Whippet Male in Finland 2013
#9 Whippet Male in Finland 2014
#8 Whippet Male in Finland 2015

Encautom's Big Feelings BH "Narkos"
1 x CC & Cacib (Finland), 1 x CC & Cacib (Estonia)

Encautom's Feeling Hot Hot Hot
2 x res-CC (Finland)

Encatom's Do You Feel It "Luca"

Encautom's Feeling Unique
2 x BIS-cryptorchid at Finnish Whippet Clup Open Show

2. Mimi Chill's litter "5":

dam: Est & Rus Ch Taraly Black Panther
DOB: 16.06.2012, 8 + 2

Mimi Chill's Little Sparrow "Linus"
1 x BOB & 1 x CC (Finland)

Mimi Chill's Princess of China "Vera"
1 x res-CC, 2 x LC CC (Finland)

Mimi Chill's Brief Is The Light RE "Kaarle"
2 x res-CC (Finland), 1 x LC CC (Finland)
AKC Championship pointed

Mimi Chill's Black Diamond "Fredo"
BIS-puppy at Finnish Whippet Club Open Show

Mimi Chill's Illuminated "Topi"
1 x LC CC (Finland)


3. Bonnywapit G-litter:

dam: Bonnywapit Eenymeeny
DOB: 13.12.2013, 3 + 5

Bonnywapit Gobananas "Hella"
1 x CC (Finland)

Bonnywapit Guesswho "Thor"
2 x LC CC (Finland)


4. Mimi Chill's litter "8":

dam:  Mimi Chill's Black Mamba
DOB: 14.1.2014, 0 + 1

FI LCCH Mimi Chill's Princess Ikimba "Ninja"

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